View Full Version : XP and WPA2

15-03-2011, 10:34 PM
Got caught with a router change which changed the security from WPA to WPA2. Several computers connected but a couple didn't. The later Vista and Win7 ones were OK but with three XP SP3's, one connected fine and the other two didn't. These comps were all ACERs of the same vintage so that had me puzzled.

Turned out that I should have updated the NIC dvrs to make sure they are WPA2 ready. One of these machines must have had an update (or it may have had a different NIC). Also noticed a big increase in signal strength with the new driver. (RTL 8185).

Lesson learned.

15-03-2011, 11:24 PM
Same thing happened on my Toshiba P35.

Uses an Atheros chip (can't remember which) which supports WPA2 but the drivers from Toshiba were from about 2004, and sometimes it would connect, sometimes wouldn't, the AP would show as WEP even though it was WPA...

Downloaded new ones made in 2010 from the unofficial website http://www.atheros.cz/ and now it works 100% perfectly.

That's on XP SP3 too.