View Full Version : Lost Help Files!

02-10-2001, 12:58 PM
I have deleted all my help files from Win98SE and don't know how to reinstall them. I have tried to find them with the System File Checker but do not know how to extract them or where to restore them to, the System Folder? I cannot use any Help or Troubleshooting Windows menus as a result. Can anyone guide me on how to restore them from the CD?
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02-10-2001, 01:22 PM
The system help files are located in the c:\windows\help folder. However this folder also contains the help files of all previously installed programs so restoring the help files from the windows CD will not restore the computer to its original state.

If you have winzip installed, open the cab files from the CD, then drag and drop the files into the help folder. You will have no way of knowing what files you need until windows reqests it. It may be easier to reinstall overtop of the existing installation.

If you have Windows ME then you can use the system restore feature to restore the computer to a point before you deleted the help files.