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11-03-2011, 01:49 PM
Hi all,

We've got a couple of WSUS servers here.

Rather than installing XP, then leaving the updates running for an hour, I'm wanting to slipstream them into the installation CD that we use (Save a bit of time).

From what I can see, there's no easy way to export the list of the files so I can them pump them into nLite or something.

Any ideas? :D



Speedy Gonzales
11-03-2011, 02:01 PM
There is an update here (http://voidseesaw.com/onepiece/). 5th update from the bottom (the 4.4.0 update). You slipstream it in Nlite or Ryanvm integrator. However, this doesnt include this months updates (it should be updated soon tho).

But this includes WMP11 / its updates (and everything else). Except 3 of the .net updates.

Which are:

OnePiece_Microsoft.NET_Framework_v1.1.4322.2470_Tr ue_AddOn_ENU.cab,

OnePiece_Microsoft.NET_Framework_v3.5.30729.3644_T rue_AddOn_ENU.cab


OnePiece_Microsoft.NET_Framework_v4.0.30319.206_Tr ue_AddOn_ENU.cab

You have to right mouse on the cab files then change the extension to cab before you download them. These are legit. Theyre also on the MSFN and Wincert forum sites.

But this is only good till the next months updates come out. Then the file/s get updated soon after

If you decide to get the 4.4.0 update (you still have to slipstream SP2 /SP3, before adding this), there's a few junk files in it you dont need (ie: MRT, WGA, browserchoice, windows search, etc). Which can be removed with this (http://integrator.siginetsoftware.com/index.php?download)

But you need this (http://voidseesaw.com/onepiece/OnePiece_Remove_AddOn_For_WinXP_UP_4BECBC567126B8A B06907C8A1245BAE3.7z). Which has all the removal addons in it

11-03-2011, 02:38 PM
Windows Updates Downloader + nLite?