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10-03-2011, 03:44 PM
Whats the difference between the OEM of Windows 7 Home Prem and the other version of Win7?


10-03-2011, 03:45 PM
OEM should only be sold with the purchase of a new PC (or certain component types), and in theory the license is non-transferrable.

10-03-2011, 03:50 PM
OEM is also cheaper as well as what inphinity said.

10-03-2011, 04:40 PM
And Microsoft won't support you, if you ever decide to call them, you have to go back to where you bought the OEM version from.

10-03-2011, 08:17 PM
So it looks like I will have to buy Win7 from somewhere else. What about an upgrade version?

Speedy Gonzales
10-03-2011, 08:19 PM
Upgrade from what OS to Win7?

10-03-2011, 08:20 PM
From windows XP to win7

10-03-2011, 08:44 PM
The upgrade to W7 from XP is not always a good Idea, If xp has any faults it will usually be transfered to W7, sometimes it also wont work and all turns to rubbish, a fresh install is better.

The upgrade versions are also more expensive than OEM.

11-03-2011, 12:00 AM
Would it be possible to find Vista for sale?

11-03-2011, 06:57 AM
... and in theory the license is non-transferrable.

I never knew any MS OS's were transferrable. I thought once installed on a computer it had to stay on it and could not be used on a different pc. What are the details of 'transference'?

11-03-2011, 07:44 AM
the full retail version can be transferred to a new PC legally provided you uninstall it from any other Machines first, at least that's how I understood it. Costs a premium though. You can also get family licence versions that may be installed on up to 3 pc's, I would have gone this way if I could find it when I got mine as it's about the same cost as 2 OEM's but is the upgrade version.

Incidentally, if you buy an upgrade version you can still do a clean install provided you have a 2nd partition or hard drive to install to. Install disc must be run from within your existing windows and will create a dual boot system. IF you wanted this can be changed into a single boot with Easy BCD. You could then image the hard drive to simplify future installs - bit messy but workable.

Myself I started selling my old machines with OEM OS installed and buying a new copy, works out cheaper than retail still IMO. Many shops will sell you the OEM with hardware such as a hard drive, just what hardware qualifies is something of a grey area.

11-03-2011, 08:41 AM
Would it be possible to find Vista for sale?

You can buy my copy!

11-03-2011, 08:49 AM
Some places will sell OEM on its own

11-03-2011, 09:06 AM
Many shops will sell you the OEM with hardware such as a hard drive, just what hardware qualifies is something of a grey area. :D Thats the understatement of the week.

Many places used to sell OEM with components that a computer will not run the OS without. These were: Motherboard, CPU, Power Supply, Memory, Hard Drive - anything else a computer doesn't need to run the OS.

MS dont make life easy when trying to figure out whats legal and whats not. One places says one thing, then another says something else.

If you want to look and try to figure it out then try and read through The licensing page (http://www.microsoft.com/oem/en/licensing/sblicensing/pages/licensing_for_hobbyists.aspx) - some area's you wont be able to access unless you are a registered MS partner.

Then again if you look on the packaging of a OEM Windows 7, Look at the very first line ( highlighted) The front (http://www.imagef1.net.nz/files/OEM1299787470.jpg) and On the Back (http://www.imagef1.net.nz/files/OEM21299787907.jpg). If you want to read that fully it can be downloaded From Here (http://www.microsoft.com/oem/en/licensing/sblicensing/Pages/localized_licenses.aspx)

So as Gary mentioned, some shops will sell you OEM without any hardware - the question is -- Is what they are doing legal ?

11-03-2011, 09:36 AM
Which is why I didn't name them

11-03-2011, 07:33 PM
So it would be best to go for a non OEM version of either Win7 or Vista?

Speedy Gonzales
12-03-2011, 08:12 AM
Depends which one you prefer. And whether you want to install 10,000 updates for Vista, or just 1 - SP1 for Win7

12-03-2011, 09:25 AM
Also getting vista may be next to impossible, since its now been discontinued.

You would be far better off getting Windows 7 - lot more stable.

Speedy Gonzales
12-03-2011, 09:29 AM
You would be far better off getting Windows 7 - lot more stable.

Until you install SP1 for some people

12-03-2011, 09:34 AM
The DVD's with SP1 already included should be arriving soon. (in shops)

Most of the problem's I've heard about with SP1 is with pre existing installs.

Usually this can mean there is an under laying problem with the Software on the PC (corruption) Which sometimes is not noticed until an upgrade or some other process is done. A clean install "shouldn't" :rolleyes: cause a problem.

13-03-2011, 09:03 AM
Looks like I will get windows 7. Where can I purchase it from?

13-03-2011, 10:37 AM
Depends on where you live, and if you want to order it Via online or walk into the shop.

Just a few places; Asent (http://www.ascent.co.nz/)-Wellington, PBtech (http://www.pbtech.co.nz/index.php?p=stores)- various stores over NZ, Computer lounge (http://www.computerlounge.co.nz/) - Just stay away from places like the Toaster shops, Noel Leeming etc. Go to a real computer shop.