View Full Version : Formatting new 2Tb hard drive - MBR or GPT?

01-03-2011, 11:17 AM
I've just put my new hard drive in a Win7 PC I have, and when I go Disk Manager to format it, it's giving me the choice of MBR or GPT.

My Media Centre that this disk is going into tonight is XP Pro, but I'm likely to be moving to a Win7 system in the next month or so.

According to this screen I'm seeing, GPT doesn't work with XP, but is there any limitation with MBR that I need to know about?

01-03-2011, 11:35 AM
The most glaring difference is GPT's support of >2TB partitions. Kind of irrelevant for a drive 2TB or less, but will become more meaningful as more and more drives >2TB become available.

Speedy Gonzales
01-03-2011, 11:36 AM
According to the ASUS site

Due to Microsoft limitation, the MBR (Main Boot Record) partition table is the default option for initializing hard disks. However, the MBR partition table can only manage up to a 2TB partition. For creating or using a partition bigger than 2TB, you must initialize the HDD as GPT (GUID Partition table) partition table format in the Disk management option of Administrative tools in the Windows control panel. This type of partition table can manage HDD size up to 18EB (1EB = 1024PB = 1048576TB), and allow up to 128 partitions.

GPT partition is implemented under Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. For detailed information on GPT partition table, please refer to the following MS FAQ (http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/storage/GPT_FAQ.mspx)