View Full Version : WORD & EXCEL 97 SLOW RESPONSE

31-03-1999, 11:16 PM

When I save a file using 'save as' in Word & Excel 97 it takes 15 to 20 seconds before I can start editing the new file. During this time the hard disk is not operating, the machine is just thinking.. I have 3GB of free disk space and if I try saving the same file in Publisher or in an older version of Word or Excel 7 the response is almost immediate. I am a high user of Word & Excel but not of Publisher. This was not a problem when the machine was new. The virtual disk is managed by Windows 95. The computer is a 200MMX with 32Mb of RAM. I have run disk defragmenter and disk fix but as saving much larger files in other programs is not a problem I do not believe that it is a hard disk problem.

I wondered whether the problem was the result of loading Internet Explorer 4. I have tried uninstalling this and I have also reinstalled Word, Excel and Windows. I wrote this message in Word 97 and it took about 15 seconds to respond!

Murray Phillips