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29-09-2001, 09:57 AM
I have just installed a LG 52X CD ROM, and have placed it as SLAVE on the Secondary IDE cable. The CD writer is on the MASTER - both jumpers are set to CS, as I have a Cable Select IDE cable - all works well, and all data reads off both drives - also my CD ROM reads burnt disks ok - all is well, EXCEPT THIS:
When about to play a music CD in Windows media player, I get a window that reads:
'We have determined that Windows Media Player cannot read from the drive in Digital format - you can still read and play music, but in Analog only - you will lose the WOW effect, the Graphic Equaliser etc....

My Question is, why have I suddenly lost the Digital Functionality in Windows Media Player - afterall, all I have done is installed a CD ROM drive! Before this installation, I was of course using the Writer to play music etc, and the digital functionality was working fine!
Secondly, how do I get it back, and will this degrade any cds I choose to burn using the playlist/burn function in WMP?
Can anyone help?

29-09-2001, 07:00 PM
It means the CDROM drive you got can't play audio cds thru the data cable and must use the seperate analog cable.

There is nothing wrong with it it only affects playback. If you must have it, just use your Writer to play them.