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30-03-1999, 11:56 PM
My son has a Pentium90 clone with a 12 speed CDROM and has a peculiar problem.
My brother has a Philips CD writer that produces any audio onto CD. It is a dedicated music CD writer, and you can only use Philips writable CDs. He recently made a mix for Jason and his computer despises it. It won't recognize it's existence and if it happens to be in the drive when the pc is booted up, Windows stalls mid-load. If this CD is put in while Windows is up and running, Windows freezes and refuses to do anything until the CD is ejected. Jason also has a Kodak CD with his web site, and web art collection on it and this runs fine. What is even more strange is that my Philips CDs, any Philips CD, runs sweetly on my PC, not a problem. Does anyone have any ideas? This is not a problem, Jason has a stereo six feet away from his PC, it just seems really strange.