View Full Version : Access Bug/Problem

25-09-2001, 11:14 AM
I have a problem in access. Say I have 2 tables with the first field of each one an autonumber. I want these tables to be numbered the same (entry 1 in one table is the same person in entry 1 in the second table). I'm using the database online with asp, and while testing if my scripts work I notice this:

If I add and entry to a table for a test, download the database, delete that entry, upload it again and submit info to the table again; when I download it to view the table, the first autonumber will be 2. I can't figure out a way of setting the first autonumber, or resetting it or something.

I hope someone knows the answer to when you delete all entries in a table where there is an autonumber field, how you get that autonumber back to 0 or whatever.

Thanks a lot,