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The Error Guy
16-01-2011, 02:51 AM
Ok, so I am *trying* to get wireless into the back corner of our appartment which just so happens to have a 2.4GHz bandpass medium around the only comfy place to sit. How convenient :rolleyes:.

Actually its only concrete but the problem is still there.

Anyway. I flashed the current router (WRT54G V2.2) with DD WRT, maxed out the transmit (Tx) power to 251 Mw and sat back... to find no difference. so I decided to get a new router and use the the WRT as a relay. nice plan!

Got a $20 TP link TL-WR340. Thats great. time to set up the network. Now after I flashed the WRT the first time, all I remember doing was setting up wireless security. entering the PPPoE details and it worked. I also remember NOT backing up the settings.... damn :mad:

So after screwing around trying to get my head around the TP's chinese interface that I cannot change I manage to reset the WRT for some reason.

Now the WRT won't connect to the PPPoE, its WAN stays at and I can't get internet access on the laptops/iphones etc. The TP link cannot connect either but that could be because there is a setting in chinese I can't read. It works fine when dialing from the laptops though. :waughh:

So, overall somehow PPPoE won't dial/connect from the routers, but it works on the laptops. the TP link and ADSL modem are in chinese and I have failed at getting internet access throughout the house and in the morning I am likely to get a bollocking. :badpc:

Searched several solutions around this on the internet and none helped.

Hopefully someone can help :p ISP is china unicom and the only settings I have are the PPPoE Acct: XXXXXXX and P/W: Xxxxxx

The Error Guy
16-01-2011, 03:16 AM
Oh you HAVE to be S***ing me... Just got a text from the guy who sent me the logins, "sorry about password info, my phone capitalises the first letter, I hope I have not stressed you"

Stressed Me? Nah

Just reflashed the router back to stock linksys firmware too :(

16-01-2011, 10:55 AM
There's hardware that enables you to pass your network signals through the houses wiring. Just plug in a wireless transmitter/receiver at the nearest free power point, and no part of the house needs be deaf to the net..

16-01-2011, 01:29 PM
The netcomm homeplugs are great