View Full Version : Problems using 6121c as 3g modem

13-01-2011, 08:16 AM
On my Macbook Pro I have a dual boot with 10.6 and XP.
I have gotten the phone to work as a 3g modem perfect in Mac, but for some reason it will not show up in the Ovi Suite so I cant use the phone as a modem.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to do it without Ovi?

13-01-2011, 08:55 AM
Edit - I misread the question. I was about to gloat how I'd done it many times in windows and it 'just works', but I'd better not do that. :D

Are you sure you're selecting the 'PC Suite' option on the phone when plugging it in, and checked the device manager to make sure there are no naughty little devices that haven't installed correctly?

14-01-2011, 02:59 PM
Any luck with this Ned?

14-01-2011, 03:04 PM
im going to spend a bit of time this weekend looking into it.