View Full Version : Xnet email - IMAP, multiple email accounts?

09-01-2011, 11:50 PM
Hi all

My parents are with Xnet. They have a main email account, and Dad also has his own email address with them (under the same bill, no extra cost). They set up an extra one just for him so he can keep all his Trade me emails, etc separate.

Anyway, they have two PCs and sometimes swap which PC they are using. As they get their mail by POP, it means they have some emails downloaded on one PC and some emails on the other, rather than all in the one place. It's confusing them.

So I'm thinking IMAP might be the best way, and have the email client on both machines, configured to get both emails via IMAP (and have both accounts set up on both machines). Then, no matter which machine they are on, all the mail is in the one place on the server rather than being split.

But my questions are:

1) Does anyone know how the Xnet email accounts are set up - do they use aliases?? (I read a bit about that in some older F1 posts, but the Xnet site is a bit unclear).
If they do use aliases, will the IMAP setup I'm suggesting still work? (I don't really understand how aliases are set up)

2) Does IMAP actually work okay with Xnet? Has anyone done the above, especially two different email addresses under the one account with Xnet? There's very little info on their support page apart from saying to set the mail server as imap.xnet.co.nz


10-01-2011, 09:51 PM
If you were using something like Thunderbird as the e-mail client, you can tick the box for "leave mail on server" and even with POP you can see all mail from both PCs