View Full Version : Win 2k won't load Personal Settings - Virus?

23-09-2001, 07:43 AM
I believe I may have got a virus or worm from the Net. A couple of months ago I think I got the code Red worm, but fixed it. Yesterday my surfing slowed almost to a halt in a similar way, so I disconnected from the Net. The hard disk continued to thrash, so I shut down the computer using a normal software exit.
When I try to restart, Win 2k loads, lets me log on and gives me the 'Loading personal settings' box, then just a blank screen with a mouse cursor. I can't do anything with it!
I can still access the HDD from this networked computer, to the extent that the sharing allows, so my data is still there.
Anyone know how to fix this?

23-09-2001, 10:16 AM
Have you tried booting with anti-virus rescue disks or booting to safe mode and running scan with your AV program? Is your AV up to date?

23-09-2001, 11:13 AM
hi Rob,
if the machine is a member of a domain, have you tried logging on under a different username? If not you could try creating a new local user on the machine remotly and try that logon. This will establish whether a corrupt profile is the cause of the problem.