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20-12-2010, 07:07 PM
I seem to have picked this up but I dont know how. I dont usually pickup any old thing I see on the info highway. I did upgrade my accounting software thou. Is this program dodgie? Should I run it or delete it. It seems to think I have 379 issues (only). I have Norton 360 which I guess is enough. Thanks

Speedy Gonzales
20-12-2010, 07:32 PM
That program is alright. But you dont need it. Cant say the same for Nortons tho :p

20-12-2010, 07:33 PM
Looks like it's standalone and not hidden in anything else you install so you must have inadvertently installed it. It's doesn't look like scareware though but I would see if anyone else has anything to add who might have used it.

The only reg cleaner I use is Ccleaner which is safe and occasionally Revo uninstaller to remove stubborn applications

20-12-2010, 07:43 PM
I use Registry Mechanic, have done for years. If it says you have 379 issues, you have 379 issues. Probably none of them will cause you a problem, but they are clutter. Just allow RM to get rid of them. Agree with Speedy, don't know about Norton 360 though. Run CCleaner as well and you have most registry problems covered.

20-12-2010, 08:54 PM
I used Registry Mechanic a few years ago and like all big commercial programs it is bloated and full or errors.

There are much better alternatives, some of which are mentioned above.

21-12-2010, 11:25 AM
And bad spelling too?

21-12-2010, 11:50 AM
Registry tools are mostly scams.
there I said it. Why else would it install by steath/drive-by
Just like the memory/ram defrag scam a while back

from wiki

Rogue registry cleaners are often marketed with alarmist advertisements that falsely claim to have pre-analyzed your PC, displaying bogus warnings to take "corrective" action, hence the reason that they are sometimes called "scareware". In October 2008, Microsoft and the Washington attorney general filed a lawsuit against two Texas firms, Branch Software and Alpha Red, producers of the "Registry Cleaner XP" scareware.[12] The lawsuit alleges that the company sent incessant pop-ups resembling system warnings to consumers' personal computers stating "CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE! - REGISTRY DAMAGED AND CORRUPTED", before instructing users to visit a web site to download Registry Cleaner XP at a cost of $39.95.
[edit] Marginal performance benefit

On Windows 9x computers, it is possible that a very large registry could slow down the computer's startup time. However this is far less of an issue with NT-based operating systems (including Windows XP and Vista) due to a different on-disk structure of the registry, improved memory management and indexing.[13] Slowdown due to registry bloat is thus far less of an issue in modern versions of Windows. More importantly, however, the difference in speed due to the use of a registry cleaner is negligible: rarely do they remove more than a few kilobytes from the total size of the registry. In fact, technology journalist Ed Bott has claimed that no one has ever successfully managed to measure any significant performance increase from the use of a registry cleaner.[14]

Undeletable registry keys
Registry cleaners cannot repair scenarios such as undeletable registry keys caused by embedded null characters in their names; only specialized tools such as the RegDelNull utility (part of the Sysinternals software) are able to do this.[17]