View Full Version : iTunes backup and transferring files

18-12-2010, 09:27 AM
A couple of years ago, I backed up the music on my iPod to a DVD. It appears that all the files,and contents, transferred OK. This means that folders contained sub-folders down the tree until each actual music file was accessible.

Recntly, I purchased a new laptop and tried transferring the backup DVD iTunes folder back onto my hard drive.

I did have some problems with iTunes locking up when it loaded and have now uninstalled it in preparation for a re-installation. It remains to be seen if it will install properly.

However. at this point. my worry is that when I transfer from the DVD to the HD, some sub-folders down the tree after transferring, show as empty. I.e. the music files are missing from the folder.

Is there some way of ensuring that all files, down the folder tree, are copied over to the HD (in a My Music folder???).

If this can be done OK, i presume that a re-installation of iTunes should read the music files correctly.

Anyone any suggestions?