View Full Version : Timing Out, Lag?

14-12-2010, 06:17 PM
I don't lose connection, but it times out a lot or lags badly.
Stats from modem:

796 (Kbps.)/16370 (Kbps.)
Noise Margin
13 dB/ 11 dB

3 dB/1 dB

HEC Error

CRC Error


14-12-2010, 06:35 PM
How old is your router?

14-12-2010, 08:58 PM
Attenuation Rates:
20bB. and below = Outstanding
20dB-30dB. = Excellent
30dB-40dB. = Very Good
40dB-50dB. = Good
50dB-60dB. = Poor and may experience connectivity issues
60dB. and above = Bad and will experience connectivity issues

For S/N Margin Readings:
6dB. or below = Bad and will experience no line synchronization or intermittent synchronization problems.
7dB-10dB. = Fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions.
11dB-20dB. = Good with little or no synchronisation problems
20dB-28dB. = Excellent
29dB. or above = Outstanding

Means your connection is great. What happens if you have downloads going during that time? Is it just browsing that 'freezes' or gaming also? I'd suggest you start by looking into your DNS, and go from there. What's the router make / model? Heat / humidity could be playing a part but only if your downloads are *stopping* during that time also.