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20-09-2001, 05:42 PM
I set up my new home office computer with XTRA e-mail, I chose Outlook Express as my default e-mail service. Now I want to use Outlook 97. I have exported my OE address data to Outlook97, but can?t figure out how to set up my Internet e-mail service, using Outlook 97.
I?ve scoured a year?s worth of ?PC World? mags and have come up with nothing that I understand. I?ve searched the web and found instructions on how to make this change, finding 2 x ?American-based web articles which give instructions on how to set up an e-mail account with Outlook97. The instructions start: open Outlook97, select Tools, scroll to Services, click the Add button and select ?Internet E-mail? in the ?Add Service to Profile? dialog box. I don?t have the ?Internet E-mail? option! Should I try to re-install something?
I use Outlook97 for e-mailing, faxing and setting tasks at work, and have mirror Address Books at work and at home, in Outlook97. But I have to maintain a separate Address book in OE at home office because I can only e-mail from home with OE. This duplication of address books is time-consuming, as I?m not blessed with friends who stay in the same house, with the same Internet service provider, in the same job or even in the same country for very long.
In PC World this month there?s a ?How To? article on Address Book Sharing. I thought I?d give this a crack and got as far as selecting Tools/Address Book - but I don?t have any ?Options? to select in my Address Book dialogue box.
My Outlook Express is version 4.72.3120.0
My operating system is Windows 98.
Can you help?

20-09-2001, 07:41 PM
Hi Elizabeth,

your instructions are correct. Perhaps you need to go to add remove components for either Office 97 or Outlook (depending on where it was installed from) to get that particular service on your computer.