View Full Version : 2 free games for Xboxer's - Dorita's Crash Course & Harms Way

Speedy Gonzales
10-12-2010, 06:44 PM
Here (http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Doritos-Crash-Course/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410a71) and Here (http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Harms-Way/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410a70). Just click on download to Xbox 360. Then turn the Xbox on, then download them (they may start once you turn it on).

Not bad for free games. Crash Course isnt easy. Havent tried Harms Way yet. Just about to

The Error Guy
10-12-2010, 07:15 PM
dang, you need to be connected XBL, don't see that happening on my 360's any time soon.

Need to get some new LIVE capable ones.

Other than that, those games don't look too bad

Speedy Gonzales
10-12-2010, 07:23 PM
Crash course is like an obstacle course. You have to beat the clock. Its kind of like that program ninja warrior I think its called? Where they get knocked off..If you get hit you go thru the screen lol..Harms way is a bit trickier to control if your use a controller (if youre the driver)