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19-09-2001, 05:17 PM
Wednesday, 19 September 2001, 04:12:32:p.m.

I have installed Outlook 97 and everthing works ok except for one vital thing, when I compose a new message and press 'send' the message goes into the 'outbox' but from there it will not budge. It never goes and never gets to the 'sent' folder.
I tried all sorts of things getting nowhere. The message then went from 'italics' to 'upper case' and still would not go.
Somehow (after ages of trying) I somehow got it to go and it was received at the other end, but don't know how that happened.
Am using a PIII 450, Windows 98SE.
It seems to be a problem solely with Outlook 97 as the ISP is paradise and it just will not 'send' out of outlook.
Can it be set up to automatically send stright away out of the outbox.
Best regards
Peter M

19-09-2001, 05:51 PM
By default it sits in the outbok until you hit send and recieve (or similar).
There are a few advantages to this, eg mistakes, and security.

BTW, if you've just installed it, get all the security updates from MS, and disable scripting.