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18-09-2001, 09:53 PM
I have a PC with an ABIT PR5 MB, which uses the Intel 430VX chipset. i currently have 32mb RAM in a couple of SIMM banks. The MB also has 2 DIMM sockets. The manual indicates the MB can only handle a max of 128MB, but it is not clear as to whether this can be a single DIMM - it gives some examples of memory configurations but only mentions 64MB DIMMS, I'm not sure if this is because it can't handle > 64MB, or just that when the manual was printed 64MB was the max.

Also I am aware of memory cacheing issues with 430VX chipset (ie. 64MB max cacheable memory).

I have been thinking of getting a 128MB DIMM (PC133)and replacing my existing memory. My questions are
1) will a 128MB DIMM even work
2) will PC133 memory work
3) is it adviseable or worth doing this?


19-09-2001, 12:24 AM
1) It probably doesn't support sticks larger than 64mb, if it doesn't list it (atleast its not 32mb).

2) The PC133 will clock down to PC100 or PC66 for you, i'm currently running a mix of PC100 and PC133 myself (don't get really cheap stuff though).

3) Because of the cache limit, I wouldn't install more than 64mb, unless you have (or want) a celeron.