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Billy T
27-11-2010, 11:31 AM
Hi Team

With son's 21'st tonight I was burning the midnight oil on embarrassing photos, a guest list (for security guard) and other trivia and forgot that I had turned on my external USB photo archive drive which takes up drive letters X, Y & Z (yes, A-W are all taken, don't ask).

I plugged in a USB stick and of course there was no drive letter to assign, so I didn't hear the usual beeps. I thought that it was a drive I had previously suspected as faulty, so, like any clear thinking idiot, I then plugged in another drive, this time my son's. It froze my computer and on rebooting the RAID array had to do a repair, so I left it on overnight and RAID was back to normal again this morning

Upshot is that with XYZ free, the drives are recogniised when inserted but don't produce a drive letter so can't be accessed. I tried both in my old laptop and they are recognised normally, coming up as drive F. I then assigned drive letter X to my thumbdrive and now the laptop sees it as X (as it should) but the new XP computer still can't see it. I have third & fourth thumbdrives that haven't been mistreated and they pop up as X, as they should, so it seems that there is something specific to the drives or the XP computer that I have buggered up.

I seem to recall having a similar problem back when I got the new computer but it was one of two identical Kingston 1GB drives (the other behaved normally) and IIRC I fixed it by assigning a permanent drive letter to the affected drive but that didn't work this time!

Any ideas as to what I have done and how to correct it?


Billy 8-{) :(

27-11-2010, 11:39 AM
Right-click on My Computer --> Manage --> Disk Management --> Right-click on the drive --> Assign drive letter

Needs to be done on a per-machine & per-thumbdrive basis I believe?

Billy T
27-11-2010, 12:31 PM
Needs to be done on a per-machine & per-thumbdrive basis I believe?

You are dead right Chill. I named it X: on my computer and now it is visible.

I did the same with my son's drive and it is now X: on my computer but remains H: on his and F: on my laptop.

Weird, because it didn't need that before to be recognised as X: on my machine.


Billy 8-{) :thumbs: