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19-11-2010, 10:04 AM
So I was browsing through trademe looking at motherboards and came across a picture of a motherboard sitting on bubble wrap :lol:

I know it's been discussed before but I figured I'd go into lecture mode and remind people of the evils of static elctricity and hopefully point out a few misconceptions.

1. When working with electronic equipment either use a antistatic wrist strap or earth yourself frequently.

2. Ideally use an antistatic mat or conductive surface to work on

3. don't store or place motherboards, cpus etc on synthetic materials such as nylon or plastic - and no the outside of an antistatic back is NOT a good Idea, it's essentially a plastic bag with the INSIDE coated with a conductive material. You can split an antistatic bag open and use the interior as a safe surface.

4. You can plug in a metal appliance or psu to provide an earth, but always leave it turned OFF at the wall, only the active wire is switched so the earth and neutral will still be connected. (also turn off the psu with it's on switch if equipped.

In order to see static it has to be at a very high voltage, most times when you zap something you won't even know, quite commonly you can have several thousand volts of static charge and be completely unaware.

Damage from static electricity is often minor and may not manifest itself for some time. Sure you could fry a cpu but more likely you will cause minor damage to something and have an odd occasional fault / crash that you'll never be able to pin down or an unstable system that causes you grief from the day you build it.

I come from a background as a telecommunications technician and have had to handle circuit boards worth more than most peoples annual salary so safe anti-static practices have been drummed into me.

19-11-2010, 10:42 AM
Good advice there, I learn the what static can do in a hard way, frying my own mobo ...

The Error Guy
19-11-2010, 02:08 PM
Just love some of the guys coming down the dorm, equipped with nice new piece of hardware a nylon shirt and a woolen jersey. nothing I can really do about it! they are all too braidead