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17-09-2001, 01:10 PM
I have a small home network with three computers sharing a Nokia Ni500 internet connection via a hub.

Two of the computers (running W2K & on-board ethernet)connect at full speed no problems. The third computer runs Win98 and has a PCI network card of unknown type. The internet connection for this computer is very slow and is not managing much better than 33K at best.

The hub is not the problem as the W98 box is just as slow when connected directly to the modem. I previously used a different ADSL modem and it was slow on that too. I changed modems because the other brand (which shall remain nameless) was a pig to install, crashed the sytem regularly and kept dropping connections. For the record, the Nokia installed in less than five minutes, is blindingly quick on the other two computers, has never dropped a connection and is highly recommended!

I have looked for any setting I can adjust but can't find anything in the various properties boxes that would influence the communication speed. I also tried SiSoft Sandra but the network modules are not installed on the shareware version.

The NIC driver is listed only as NE2000 compatible and I have tried an alternative driver without any measurable difference. I begin to wonder if the card is crippled but before I throw it out, is there anything I should look at or anything I can hack?

Thanks in advance


17-09-2001, 03:17 PM
When you had the win98 computer connected directly to the modem, did you check the port settings, by default they are set at 9600 baud and need to be opened up to 115k. I also think it worthwhile checking out your network card and identifying it, then downloading the correct driver. Make sure then that it is running at 100mbps and not 10, if it capable of it

17-09-2001, 04:39 PM

I'm not sure what ports I should be checking here. The Nokia connects direct to the ethernet connection (via the hub) and is actually a DSL Router not a modem at all. I just used the familiar name. Where do I go to find a port setting for an ethernet card? I thought that the 115K setting was only for serial port modems and I have already set that for my backup 56K dial-up modem which runs fine.

The 9.6K sounds familiar though. When I was using the other modem (which was not a router) the supplied diagnostics said 9600 in one particular data pane when running on Win98 but 10,000,000 when running W2K. Trouble is, I couldn't find any way of checking the setting then either.

I have done an online driver update for the network card and the answer was I am using the correct driver already. Even so, I did change the driver to the recommended alternative then changed it back when there was no difference.

I can't go to 100mbps on the ethernet connection because my hub will only run 10mbps and I think that is top speed for the Router too, but anyway, that is plenty fast enough. For example a NAV on-line update takes about 2 seconds for 300K on the W2K boxes and 10 MB is downloaded in zip time. There are no bottlenecks there.

Maybe it really is time to axe the network card but I'm still open to suggestions if there are any more coming.