View Full Version : First A Complex - Then A Chain - Then ------

16-11-2010, 04:58 AM
From GMSV this morning in my mailbox::

Although other Silicon Valley giants also occupy vast amounts of real estate, Google is growing in a way that is distinct, (http://click1.newsletters.siliconvalley.com/eqtdybqkzzdfhwspftlhsfvkjvfdcljhctblwcbpqzhqrh_qvm vdsgvwfwf.html) remaking its surroundings according to its own values.

In addition to buying and leasing buildings and squeezing out some of its neighbors, it is prodding the city of Mountain View to transform the area around its headquarters, adding housing and retail to create an environment more like a town center.

Do I hear the rumblings of a Chartered Townshipping, leading to eventual Statehood and then possibly secession from The Union later on and a Favored Sovereign Nation-Status?