View Full Version : MS-Dos Compatibility Mode

17-09-1998, 10:28 AM
In my SYSTEM - Performance Status it reads:
File System: Some drives are using MS-DOS compatibility.
Virtual Memory: MS-DOS Compatibility Mode.
In pane 'Select an item and then click details for more information' reads:
Compatibility mode paging reduces overall system performance.
Drive C: Using MS-DOS compatibilty mode file systam.
Drive D: Ditto.
I understand that the problem is usually in the Config.Sys but I tried REM each line to no avail. What else can I do to to solve the problem?. Has this problem anything to do with the Autoexe.bat?.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I am running the original version of Win95 and using a pentium 133 with 32mb of ram.