View Full Version : Word 2007 - remote users and templates

09-11-2010, 03:11 PM
Afternoon all

I've got some remote users who are connected to a network via Sonicwall's Netextender, which is fine.

They have Outlook installed on their laptops. If they receive a document via email from head office, if connected via Netextender at the time (likely) then when they open the attachment, Word 2007 goes off to open, but is very slow, and shows a mesage that it's contacting the server at head office to get the template.
This is fine for head office users (who don't even see the message) but for remote users, it can take 30 seconds or more to open the doc.

I can detach the template from the attachment in question in Word no problem, but that's not a very premanent solution.

If the remote user disconnects from Netextender then of course the document opens very quickly. All the paths to templates within Word's setup are set to the location machine.

Ideas, anyone?