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31-10-2010, 12:05 PM
Hi. I'm trying to use Win7 Backup for the first time. Go to Control Panel / System & Security / Backup & Restore .... but nothing happens when I click on 'Set up backup'.
Am running Windows7 (6.1-7600) on a Sony Vaio laptop, also running Norton Internet Security.

31-10-2010, 12:24 PM

I am running this system, when I set it up I just plugged in the external hdd and it asked me if I wanted to use this drive for backups and I said yes and I went from there. Have you plugged in the drive yet?

31-10-2010, 12:44 PM
What are you trying to back up to and what version windows 7.

Home premium of windows 7 cannot backup over a network but will work fine to a USB drive

31-10-2010, 03:22 PM
also running Norton Internet Security.

No!!!!!!! It doesn't work.
Uninstall it and get either NOD32 or MS Security Essentials.

31-10-2010, 09:13 PM
What model Vaio is it?
If you dont have any storage devices (CD/dvd drive, flash drive, usb HDD etc) hooked up (apart from your OS HDD), it probably won't start as the first thing it does when you click "setup backup" is look for separate internal or external, or removable storage and won't let you backup to your OS drive (which would be a dumb move).
From the relevant help file

When you choose a destination to save your backup to, the wizard searches your computer and displays a list of all destinations that you can use. If the destination that you want to use doesn't appear in the list, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

.The destination is a tape drive. You can't save backups to tapes.

.The destination is the drive that you are trying to back up. You can't back up a disk to itself. For example, you can't back up the contents of Drive E: to Drive E:.

.The destination is a CD-ROM drive or a DVD drive. You can't use a CD drive or a DVD drive to make a backup; you must use a CD or DVD burner, also known as a CD-R/CD-RW or DVD-R/DVD-RW drive.

.The destination isn't formatted as NTFS, FAT, or Universal Disk Format (UDF) (also called Live File System). Backups can only be saved to disks that are formatted using the NTFS, FAT, or UDF file systems. For more information, see Convert a hard disk or partition to NTFS format.

.The destination is either the drive that Windows is installed on or the system drive (the drive that Windows uses to start your computer—also called the startup drive).

.The destination is a network location on a computer running Windows XP Home Edition. You can't save backups to these locations because setting permissions on network locations and authenticating over a network aren't supported by Windows XP Home Edition.

.The destination is a recovery partition. This is a special partition that is created by your computer manufacturer that contains files and tools that you can use to return your computer to the manufacturer's settings if it stops working correctly.

31-10-2010, 10:04 PM
Hi. Thanks for the responses. Hadn't realised the external device needed to be connected in order to set up the backup parameters - having connected the drive, I then selected backup to this drive and all is good.