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14-09-2001, 05:54 PM
I have a problem of my own making I`m afraid, I bought a new joystick and went to install it, but instead of typing E:\setup, I typed D:\setup. My hard drive is partitioned C:,D: So the computer started to do as it was told, I stopped it as soon as I realised what I had done, but the damage had been done,now I get the dreaded error messages from time to time.
Eg: a fatal exception oe has occurred at 0028:DO1BEC 22 in VXD TMANAWHL (01)+00007572 currant application will be terminated.
EG:oE has ocurred at 0028:C196E755 in VXD TMANAWHL (03)+000B0535.
EG:OE has ocurred at 0028:C00069FB in VXD VMN (01).
EG: OE has ocurred at 0028:C004BFFC inVXD VFAT(01).
as you can see, all error messages seem to start with 0028:, what have I done and how do I go about fixing it?
I have trouble getting games to start, I hit the Ctrl,Alt+delet and find the game`s name there but' not responding' I am running Windows 98+ on a pentium 3 at 500 megeherts with 128 meg of ram,I hope this gives you enough to go on and can find a solution for me. I have been a subscriber to PCWorld for over eight years and though much of it is over my head I have learnt much from it and look forward to my monthly fix, I hope you and your readers can help.

many thanks

Ian Billings.

14-09-2001, 09:56 PM
hi Ian,
I don't think your problem is caused by the setup accident. I would guess your problem is caused by the joystick drivers. Do you have a Thrustmaster joystick?