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25-10-2010, 09:47 AM
Hey dudes,

Been a while since I've posted here, but maybe someone else might have had this before.

Okay so here it is. I have a two tables I copy from docx 1 to docx 2. Now while in docx 2, I join the table together, by dragging the bottom on up, and allowing them to snap together because I assume its programmed to do that.

Now there is a empty row within the merged one table in docx 2. So I highlight the empty row, and hit back space, and then choose option to shift cells up. Its at THIS point, MS WORD crashes.

*sigh* Okay this is going to bug me now, I just tried to do it again so I can copy the crash log info into here for someone to look at. But alas, it now works. Any one know where I can quickly find this for the last two crashes?

Okay so how it started working again was, after the second crash (and typing all of the above) I went back to open docx1 again, and it open both docx 1 and 2 with all changes saved (I thought I lost it), but with the empty row still sitting there, and then once again I try backspacing the empty row and shift cells up, it works!

I hate computers.

I don't know what use it would be now to post this. But just in case anyone has this problem again, try going back to docx1 (the copy FROM location) and opening it and it should open both up for you without any problems...I think...

Thank again dudes for anyone who can shed some light on this thing.

25-10-2010, 10:18 AM
try running the Office 2007 diagnostics tool , might pick up something.

25-10-2010, 10:41 AM
I think Office from 07 onwards has built in crash recovery