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15-10-2010, 05:45 PM
Hi guys
I am still around, slightly more dented and scratched than before but still kicking !

Am reminded how great a forum this is (not that I needed much reminding !) :) :)

Luckily between trying to ring Expert ??? Infotech who are either on fax or engaged I did a search on PressF1. We are looking for a netbook/notebook. How very fortunate we did that :thumbs: - I will give them a wide berth !

Best wishes to Chilling Silence and Johcar, whose posts I read, plus many more, -- certainly too many to mention. I have not been as well as usual this year.... however is a really good day and have many things to be thankful for.

Take care (and be nice to each other)
Misty and Mrs Misty (she is presently cooking me another lovely meal :)
- once a week I cook her a Patak's curry - yes I am advertising ;) )

15-10-2010, 10:50 PM
hmm seems a lot of people dont like them, but i am of the other opinion as are my parents. got my phone from them, and parents got their screen from them too.


15-10-2010, 11:31 PM
Haven't seen you around much Misty, hope you and Mrs Misty are looking after each other, at least it sounds like she's taking good care of you :)