View Full Version : MS Flight Simulator/ MS Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick

22-03-1999, 01:46 PM
I have recently installed a Quantum BigFoot 8Gb hardrive in my Mitac P133 system, partitioning it into 3 partitions. I had succesfully installed MS Flight Sim98, but when I installed the Precision Pro joystick, MS Flightsim would not recognise it's existance, even though the sidewinder software had confirmed corrected installation. I therefore decided to uninstal MS Flightsim...but now when I try to re-instal it using the typical 100Mb installation, I get an error message reading 'There is not enough space on your hard disk C. This application needs 4194 MB free to instal necessary files. Delete unnecessary files from your harddrive and try again.'

Any ideas how I can get around this problem? There is no way the program needs 4194 MB of space to load, I had succesfully loaded it on my previous 2.1GB drive which at the time was in excess of 85% full.