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11-10-2010, 10:04 PM
Hi Guys

Haven't written a freeware review for a while so thought I would drop a line 'bout two of best, I'm currently playing around with. Reckon both are winners.

First up is SOLUTO. Website states this is Anti-Frustration Software and it really is. It's purpose is to detect and indicate what programs are starting at boot up. Nothing great 'bout that but here's the clever bit - Soluto indicates the boot time of each of those programs. It gives full details of each program and allows you to remove it from boot or to delay it's starting, if possible. It also indicates what other Users have done as a percentage as a guide for you to follow. Should you change your mind, changes are easily reversed. Note however, Soluto does send and recieve data from and to your computer. It needs to do this in order to function.

If you are having a boot problem then install SOLUTO (http://www.soluto.com/) even if it's on a temporary basis. It will save many tears. I managed to shave fifty seconds off my boot time. Watch the video first. The Developers are promising greater functionally in future. Get it, totally free, wot yah got to lose?

Second program is TUNEUP (http://www.tuneupmedia.com/index.php). While not not fully freeware, the free version is very useful. This program sorts out your music. Got a file full of Track 1, Track 2 etc or is your music loose and you don't know what albums they belong to. Tuneup will clean up the mess and download album covers, details etc. The free version will clean one hundreds songs. This makes it very useful and is why I have rated it.

Anyway give these a go, let me know what you think.


kahawai chaser
11-10-2010, 10:17 PM
I tested Soluto for a few weeks, but I'm unsure how it determines boot time, as it displayed shorter times than my estimates. The start light was still flashing after displaying a bootime of just over 2 minutes. Also it left a service feature (Soluto PCGenome Core Service) after uninstalling, which annoyingly kept coming back. I'm sure they collect info...

12-10-2010, 06:44 AM
Burnaware free
Any video converter
Any audio converter

most get used a weekly basis and the list goes on too many to post now