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12-09-2001, 01:19 AM
I use a Pentium 233mmx system with 32 megs of Ram which went through the problem of booting up on every second attempt, locking up at inopportune times..frequently.. and then after rebooting, kicking in as a 233 or a Pentium 150 and on one occasion as a Pentium 210!
After experimentation I figured that the locking up problem might be due to a faulty graphics card, so I replaced it and that seems to have resolved that problem although it also coincided with the computer running at the normal 233 speed.
Now my pc seems to be stuck as a Pentium 150. I've dropped in a spare Cyrix MII 300 processor(233mhz speed)but that too clocks in at a trifling 150mhz, so Iv'e concluded it can't be the processor.
I know it's getting old in the tooth and my plans (finances permitting)is to upgrade the box next year but as my partner is finishing her final year of Unitech this year and the assignmnets are coming in sure and steadfast it would be great to reassure her that we can get through to the end of the year with this temperamental beast.
Oh by the way I do know that the jumper settings are set correctly.
Any ideas.

12-09-2001, 11:13 AM
Bart, is the machine actually running noticeably slower? For most applications, I would be very surprised if it made any kind of a difference. Anyway, not really sure what the problem could be, I suppose the crystal that does the oscillating might be the problem, but if it was then the computer wouldn't know that it was running slower. It is a pretty low-level problem, and if the jumpers aren't the problem I think you are probably stuck with it. Is there any chance that one jumper isn't seated correctly or isn't making contact?