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05-10-2010, 06:57 PM
I was all set to snap pixs of everything on the way to, at and the after tour of a few Guitar Center stores on the way home.

The day started well enuff - and about 10 miles into the downhill part of the trip - I hear this 'mwah-ker-thump', then 'whuzzyrurwizzyrur'.

No! Honest-to-goodness - that's what I heard!

It was my catalytic converter imploding on itself and fully choking off any exhaust flow out the normal place where it exits - urghhhh!

No power. Lots of that noise ( ^ above) and I have to limp to my favorite muffle shop in San Jacinto - which fortunately is all downhill from where I am.

So I totally forgot the camera and was much more interested in getting to the shop than a guided tour of the trip.

OK - my problem, I know.

I promise that when I go back to get the Isuzu in the next day or so (don't ask! It's still there) - I will take lots of chronicled pixs with lines and arrows and paragraphs of details.

BTW: Tonight we are forecast to get a little snow. :(

It was 112F/44.4C - 12% humidity just two days ago - and right this minute it's 43F/6.1C and 90% humidity.

Global warming, my patootie! :badpc:

kahawai chaser
05-10-2010, 09:16 PM
Oh well never mind about the photo's - always interesting your pics for viewing, as I guess you will have more to come. But no indication/warning of the catcon failing earlier, like a warning light illuminating/pressure loss/>>fuel consumption? Maybe diagnostic tests (It's what I do periodically)? But with those temp extremes, you mention, would that have contributed?

06-10-2010, 03:36 AM
The cat on my Amigo is a generic replacement that I installed over 7 years ago - the original was one of those GM-Pelletized ones that was so heavy it took a few miles-per-gallon off the average, so I had one of the smaller ones lying around and with it I also replaced the whole exhaust system to my liking.

What I know is that GM/Isuzu should never allow anyone on mind altering recreational pharmaceuticals to design an exhaust system.

Whilst I was cutting it up, and taking the whole factory thing out - I found exhaust fumes that hadn't yet seen daylight from 1989.

The old system was over 24 feet long and the new - is about 5 feet long including the cat and a short cherry-bomb glass-pack muffler; a nice, gentle rumble.

But - cats die a slow death and since this system isn't the most intelligent computer system in a car (think Windows ME; only running a fuel injection system that can pretty much handle the rotten fuel we get in SoCal with about 40% alcohol) but it is not predictive nor can it monitor the cat's capacity or health with a post-cat oxygen sensor.

I'm pretty sure the 40% is what ultimately destroys the cats in older vehicles too.

My days of forming and welding exhaust systems are gone now and I'll let one of the numerous shops, owned/operated by displaced tourists, replace it for me while I watch.

It's not just entertaining - it's cheap.