View Full Version : Sunset In My Neighborhood

04-10-2010, 09:00 AM
I took some pixs last evening at sunset.








Some of the wood I've been cutting and splitting for this Winter.


04-10-2010, 09:41 AM
If you want to know what the sunset here in Upside Down Land looks like Joe, just open up Photoshop and rotate your pics by 180 degrees! :D

Oh, and now you just need to wake up at 5-6am to take pics of your sunrise for us.

04-10-2010, 10:03 AM
Ahhhh The warm glow of Nukeleer fallout from the Nevada desert .... makes for some wonderful sunsets :D

04-10-2010, 11:26 AM
Very nice!!

04-10-2010, 11:33 AM
Yeah - I need to get up and take some AM shots too. We've had some heavy weather lately - thunder and lightning and some wash-outs of a few roads and that's why I keep a couple of 4WDs around.

I'm usually awake a 6AM (NZ= milking time) and after a cuppa and some toasted English muffins and drawn garlic butter on them, I wander around an hour or so and then get dressed for the next part of the day.

I'll try to get that done this week for youse guys.

I took some videos of one storm that was just building and posted it on YouTube. It's ot very exciting, but it has a few bolts in it and the rain happening all around me. I am on the lee-side of the house and not getting wet at all there.

See if this works for youse::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj-hbKbLFrU

04-10-2010, 05:20 PM
Nice skys!


05-10-2010, 01:36 AM
Sunrise wasn't very good this AM - and I was out there as it's only 06:32 here, Monday and we have some severe overcast.

I'll save those pixels for tommorow and see what that gives us.

I have a trip to Guitar Center today and also to the Loma Linda VA - so maybe youse guys are in for another tour of Southern California.

Ain't you lucky!