View Full Version : File view in Explorer

21-03-1999, 11:11 PM
A problem has recently developed on my computer which I am unable to resolve. When I attempt to view files in 'detail' view using Explorer the screen is completely blank in the area where the files / folders would normally be displayed. Changing the option to 'list' or 'icon' view displays the files normally. This is particularly frustrating because the information displayed in detail view is often so helpful and now the only way to obatin this information is to click on each individual file and examine its properties.

The same problem occurs in the find screen. In this case the number of files present as a result of a query are displayed at the bottom of the find box but the actual files are not displayed without going to the list option.

I have tried reloading windows but this has not solved the problem.

For your information, I am operating a Toshiba 4010CDT notebook with 4gb hard drive and 64 mb of ram. My operating system is Win 98.

Can you please suggest a solution?