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26-09-2010, 07:56 PM
Hey there guys

Am just about to attempt some phone re-wiring for our old house, though I'll ask here for some pointer and heads up. We have moved to VOIP service so am thinking of centralizing our analog phone lines to the VOIP adapter, got 4-5 jacks/phones (including house alarm) we want to hook up. Was just wondering if there are any standards in the way you should wire up phone lines for example the pin layout and its colour etc. Such that you would know network cables have a standard to it when its a straight through or crossover, are there such thing for telephone cable wiring?

Though a few side qs.

1. How would one identify its main inbound telephone cable? Do they typically run through attics? Or the basement?

2. Ive seen some wiring post about terminating lines/cables/pins, are they necessary if so, how would one go about so and when about?

3. Can you short circuit or break telephone jacks with improper wiring?

Thanks for everyone's time ^^

Terry Porritt
26-09-2010, 08:07 PM
Here's a good place to start....http://www.telepermit.co.nz/Ptc103.html#cont3

PaulD will probably point you in the right direction if he's around.

Edit: there may be a later standard.

26-09-2010, 08:47 PM
This seems to be where the current thinking on wiring is "Code of Practice for Residential and Small Office Premises Wiring"


Membership of Premises Wiring Working Party

* Chorus
* Orcon
* Telecom Retail
* Telecom Wholesale
* TelstraClear
* Vector Communications
* Vodafone
* WorldxChange

26-09-2010, 10:49 PM
Last time I wired a jack, I was told that the blue and white wires had to be attached to the middle point in the two rows of connectors, and it didn't matter which way round they went. That was a few years ago though... although the jack worked just fine.

27-09-2010, 08:21 AM
Hey there guys

Much appreciated for the updates on the code and jacks, will come in handy.

Just another question. I went out and purchased a NSOPTM8 panel, (http://img208.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=27659_NSO_122_81lo.JPG) as it was advised by a local JA Russel customer service that it can do what I wanted, for example allow me to centralise the jack points. Looking at the panel, it looked pretty straight forward in wiring, however playing around with the wires I cant see to get it working properly. I was wondering if someone could give me a heads up at where Im going wrong.

The setup is I have my input 4pin cable wired onto the panel from left (blue) to right on the LINE IN socket, and the same thing for output cable from left to right as well.

With the setup mention above I can get one connection working. For example, 1x INPUT, 1x OUTPUT. Phone rings and calls. However the problem that Im experiencing is that, the moment I wire in a 2nd output, with exactly the same wiring, both phone will end up not working for example no ring tones and such. So I was wondering am I missing something here?

And yes I do know that only 2 pins are required, though because I wasnt sure where those 2pins will go exactly on the intake, thats why I hooked up 4pins from left to right.

So any pointers or comments are all appreciated ^^

27-09-2010, 10:59 AM
4pin or 4 pair cable? What are you using as jacks at the telephone end?

I'm assuming that the panel you've got connects the input terminal strip to all outputs with some sort of insertion point for an alarm? If one output works all should work if you've wired them all the same.

27-09-2010, 12:23 PM
Hey there Paul, much appreciated for your assist. Yes its a 4pin (2pairs, cat3) cable. As for the jacks, what do you mean its type? At the moment it just standard two wire telephone jacks. I have tried wiring one end of the output cable as a RJ14 and as well as RJ11, thus one end can be directly inserted into the phones, however with that setup, as long soon as I chuck in a 2nd output, both lines will stop working. I have also tried running through a telephone jack, then to the phones, but same thing. Like you said, if all the wiring layout were the same, it should work...hence Im a bit confused why this isnt working... . I must be missing something or doing something very stupid ><...

27-09-2010, 12:42 PM
Forgot to mention about the panel insertion. Yes, the layout is 4 in, 4 out. As for the house alarm, I havnt figure out how to re-route our house alarm yet

House.Line.In--->UR2.Connector--->Alarm Box--->Phone.Jack#1--->Phone.Jack#2(Chosen.Port)--->ADSL.Modem

I've tried re-routing the HOUSE.LINE.IN directly to our Phone.JACK#2 with UR2 connectors, but that doesnt work, DSL line wouldnt sync.

When I was to be disconnected from Telecom, the technician who came said I had to choose a port for the VOIP line/DSL line. Would that prevent me from re-wiring my phone lines? I chose my incoming jack to be Jack#2...Im thinking could it be because a setting made via the telephone pole that is preventing me from connecting House.Line.In to Jack#2?

Any comments will be much appreciated :)

27-09-2010, 12:59 PM
Based on descriptions of that unit as I can't find any schematic the input strip allows for 4 incoming lines 1 pair each. The outputs allow 8 extensions to be connected to 1 of the incoming lines at a time. The output jack is for connecting more output strips.

Connect your incoming line to the 1st pair (Blue) on the input strip. Connect your jacks to the same pair on the output strips Blue should be the centre pair in the RJ45 and work with a phone cord.

The house alarm would connect to the jack in place of the blanking plug. assume that is just for 1 of the incoming lines.


Have you had a splitter installed at the demarcation? Is your diagram what you had before playing?

27-09-2010, 01:18 PM
If there is a splitter you would have had

House.Line.In --> splitter --->UR2.Connector--->Alarm Box--->Phone.Jack#1
data output from splitter --->Phone-.Jack#2(Chosen.Port)--->ADSL.Modem

If you looked at the pair colour in the cable used for J2 it would have been different from J1

27-09-2010, 11:11 PM
Hey there Paul my apologies in the delay, thought today I could work on the wiring a bit more depth, turned out to be one of the busiest day ever ><

I will retry the wire layout like you suggested, 1 pair to the blue input, while the output has the same layout, and with the one pair connected to pin2&3 in a RJ14.

As for the UR2/UR3 connectors, pic from TM (http://www.trademe.co.nz/Building-renovation/Electrical-lighting/Cabling/auction-320537593.htm). Previously I had the main incoming line (so I think it is as I cannot trace it back to a phone jack but cutting so will dc all internet) has this connected to my alarm line using 1 pair, and then back again via another pair on the same cable. Home.In>11>Alarm>22>Jack#1>Jack#2. Thinking I'll make it skip the alarm, I cannot, as if I do, Jack#1&2 just wont work ><

As for the splitter, nope no splitter installed.

Just a quick follow up question, for the alarm, what do you mean by the house alarm can be connected to jack in place of the 'blanking' plug? Whats a blanking plug?

I was wondering, by me choosing a main jack for the Naked DSL/VOIP installation, would that affect how I wire my jacks, as can I route my main line directly to my main jack, as currently the chosen jack is extended from another jack?

As well, after playing around with the cables, I found my speed test scores had decreased dramatically, even though I had re-wired everything back like before, and even made certain parts better, for example new phone jack (same wiring), single cable wiring, rather than several cables coupled/joined together to make one. I mean my speed test was scoring around 5.0Mbps, now its barely reaches 1.1Mbps, my upload speed also reduced by half...Im sort of regretting this whole re-wiring thing now ><... . I dont know if its the ISP or me, because I came almost guarantee I re-wired the lines back to exactly like before (i have photo proof!) but the speed is not proving so ><..

Btw Paul, just want to thank you again for your time and assist :) It is very much appreciated :)

28-09-2010, 07:31 PM
I should have paid more attention. If you are naked with an analog VOIP adapter the incoming line should go straight to your modem by passing your alarm and the other jacks go to the input to your adapter. If you are using the jack on the module to plug a cord into your VOIP analog adapter use blue for your analog jacks as that should appear on the "Telephone" pair (5&6)in the centre of the jack (that corresponds with (3&4) on a 6 pin plug ie standard telephone cord. Your alarm connection could be a problem, most don't play well with VOIP and you shouldn't leave it across your modem.

29-09-2010, 12:36 AM
Hey there Paul

Much appreciated for the update just to confirm, in theory by hooking up my main incoming line to the jack, my DSL line should work. So settings on the telephone pole outside my house will not affect anything in or how I arrange my jacks or line within the house right? Other than that I need to connect my main line directly to my router's jack.

Though curious about the issue with alarms and VOIP, what are the problems with alarms and VOIP?

If any one else knows, feel free to comment on it ^^

29-09-2010, 08:38 AM
The only thing that can be done at the pole is change the pair in the drop lead or underground cable.

The problems with alarms comes down to the ability of the codec in the VOIP adapter to convert the analogue data signal from the alarm. Apparently alarms are moving to ethernet connection. Your naked supplier should have some mention of this.

29-09-2010, 07:46 PM
Hey there Paul

Good news here. Have just re-wired the phone lines like you suggested, 1 pair in and 1 pair out and as well this time I got myself a proper metal tip (not the plastic ones from the warehouse) punching tool, everything is working flawlessly ^^ I think it was mainly due to the bad connectivity that I had from the line to the NSO panel that caused the confusion ><, now all 5 jacks around the house works ^^, much appreciated Paul :D

As for the house alarm and my ISP, well I think it could be partly my fault as I've never mentioned or even remembered about my monitor alarm until the technician disconnected me...mainly because my alarm started beeping due to lost of phone connection. Though now that the phone wiring is working properly I can finally give the alarm thing a go!

As for the issue of reduction in speed. This was a very odd thing. Remember I mentioned about the UR2/3 connectors/couplers, how it was used between the incoming line and the alarm box. Well initially a UR3 connector was used due 3 cables were need to be hooked up before hitting the 1st jack after the alarm box.

Because it was initially a UR3, when everything went haywire I rewired everything back using UR3 connectors, as this would keep consistency for testing/review purposes. But ever since I played around with the wiring my speed went from a good solid 5Mbps down to 1Mbps, and with ping speed from 75ms-100ms. But once I switched UR3 connectors to UR2 connectors (supporting only 2pins), my speed shot right back up to 5Mbps and ping from 100-59ms.

However I did not switch to Ur2 connectors on my 2nd attempt, I reused and rewired same spot over 8 times using UR3 connectors, each with horrible degrading speed. I've even ran the incoming line directly into my router bypassing any phone jacks or potential resistence, however this worsened the performance, ping shot up from 70ms to 100ms, and speed started to hover around 500kbps

After one last attempt, I decided to switch the UR3s to UR2, and what did you know it shot my speed right back up to where it was before I started mucking around with the wires ^^.

So yeah, everything is fine now, so Paul much appreciated for your time and assist, thank you :thumbs: