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21-03-1999, 11:27 AM
I own a old 486 DX2 66 with 32 meg of ram (no laughing!), I have recently installed a Cyber Bullet PC56 RVP internal fax modem, the software that I use to drive the modem is Cheyenne Bitfax. As I am a student the main use of the computer is as a word processor. I am running Windows 95 and Office 97 (yes it is possible), my ISP is Xtra (Netscape 3) and I am using V.90.
I have the following problems that I was hoping you could help with;

1. I cannot send a fax to toll area (eg; outside of Hawke's Bay) using the automatic dialler feature on my modem, I can send local fax's and fax's to an 0800 number directly but not to say Wellington without first manually dialling the number then sending the fax.
2. I cannot send an e-mail document directly from Word (using file-send to-mail recipient) without first opening Netscape. When I try I get the following results
q 'Word couldn't send the message because of MAPI failure 'unspecified error' or
q 'the action could not be completed' followed by an illegal operation error message and the closing of Word.

3. Download speeds seem to be slow, the best speed that I can obtain is 3.5 - 4.0 kps, can you suggest any ways to improve this speed?

Vaughan Shaw