View Full Version : Intergrated Video Drivers

10-09-2001, 01:03 PM
i have a Gigabyte motherboard AMD Athlon 1Ghz 20gb hardrive 256mb Ram, the motherboard has intergrated graphics running windows 95.

i can't get my PC to run over 256 bit colour have installed motherboard drivers and everyhing yet it wont work i have been using windows driver 'Super VGA' can anyone help

10-09-2001, 02:50 PM
I would reccomend a more recent copy of windows as it has better hardware support.

If your stuck with 95b, then try getting the USB update it adds support for alot of newer hardware.

10-09-2001, 03:45 PM
Try going to device manager, select the super vga, goto properties and upgrade the driver using the one that came with your motherboard.
I don't think windows std super vga will display more than 256 colours