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07-09-2001, 10:06 PM
I am putting together a number of CD's made up of old family photos, I am making a copy for each family member I have saved these photos as JPEG files and the application being Corel House will the other family members be able to view these photos on their CD without Corel House or do I save them as another format as I have little knowledge on formats and are unsure on the best format to use for others to access these photo CD's without problems I would appreciate any help on this.


07-09-2001, 10:26 PM
I'm currently doing something similar for my father.

The main thing you want to make sure is that the file is not in a closed format. This helps ensure that the files wont get trapped in a format that no one can open in 5 years time.

JPEG is open, but I do not recommend it.
The problem is it uses losey compression, which means it throws away detail to gain a smaller file size. Which is not what you want to do with something important like family photos.

You have >650MB or storage on a CD, for ~$1, so you probably could avoid compression altogether.

The format I'm using is TIFF, with ZIP compression (as I will probably fill a couple of cds).
TIFF is an open format (as long as you don't use LZW compression).
ZIP compression is similar to what Winzip etc use. Its not as good as JPEG as it doesn't throw away information, but still decreases the file size quite a bit.

Another format to consider is PNG, but i'm not sure if it uses lossey compression.

07-09-2001, 10:27 PM

If the pics are stored on the CD as .jpg files then whenever they are accessed on another person's computer, the application associated with .jpg's on that computer will be used to view the pic.

Some may use IE, others a photo viewer etc, but whatever YOU use to edit, resize and save the pic will not change what application opens on another person's computer ... as long as YOU save it in a common format like .jpg or .bmp.

(Capitals used for emphasis, not shouting at ya :)