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28-08-2010, 12:59 PM
A batch of images are unable to be viewed by any of the main viewers Photoshop, IfranView etc. No thumbnails of images in folder just icon even tho thumbs is selected - other folders have thumb pics. The image properties seem to be accurate. I have used name progs of image recovery with negative results ( pardon pun ). Win Fax and pic viewer gives "No preview available" in XP Home. Does "ownership" come into the equation? Have searched the web without success.
I would be grateful for any comment and especially for a fix.
Properties are:-

Filename: DSCF0001.JPG
Path: F:\100_FUJI

Size: 368 KB (377,303)

State: Not deleted

Creation time: 24/11/2009 11:33

Last modification time: 22/01/2008 10:55

Last access time: 20/07/2009 13:25

Comment: No overwritten clusters detected.

93 cluster(s) allocated at offset 5460

28-08-2010, 02:11 PM
Could be a corrupt thumbnail database?