View Full Version : Font Loading in C

07-09-2001, 03:41 PM
I have very interesting query for all of u -loading user defined font ie say i have a file ttt.fnt then with my exe ( say loadfont.exe ), i should install this font to memory. the main thing is that i need to know whether the default font is 8*16 font or 8*14 font. bcos i have an interrupt function that cld load a 8*14 font for a character or for a set of sequential characters but while restoring the ISR restores 8*16 ROM font table. i am confused.

plz cld anybody answer my query - what actually is the deafult font size 8*14 r 8*16, and
what is the actual address in memory where the font
table is loaded, like 0xffa600e is the address of the 8*8 CGA font table, what is the addr of the defualt
font table.