View Full Version : 12.5TB Toshiba drives

21-08-2010, 08:21 AM

Don't hold your breath waiting, but there's a mix of claims and speculation of 12.5TB or more from new tech Toshiba HDDs.

Toshiba however have been claiming spectacular storage densities for years, and frankly have never delivered these on time, but it's still an interesting area to watch for change.

This new development involves pre-printing the HDD surface with dots of recording material, rather than an even coating. This dot pattern then allows clearly defined on/off signals, rather than the smeared on/off of conventional full surface media.

A little bit like the tech used for DVD RAM discs (where the sectors are factory pre-set on the disc), but on a much finer scale, and the resolution being individual bits printed, not whole sector markers.

In terms of reading and writing a good clear signal, it seems to make perfect sense. Gotta wonder about the headaches in the manufacturing process however.

21-08-2010, 08:37 AM
Toshiba has been producing 1.8" HD as well.

With some research a no. of laptops have gone away and back to 2.5". Only a handful still use 2.5" - netbooks and other portable devices, and the odd laptop - the ultraportables which tries to squeeze in a DVDRW as well, they also tend to be SSD and priced as such.