View Full Version : Harddisk controller..

17-09-1998, 12:05 AM
I got a Pentium II 233 with 4.3 gigs in Primary-Master and 1.7 gigs in Primary-Slave, while CDROM drive in Secondary-Master.

After installed Win 98, I experienced some problems here some:
1. Sometimes it goes to 16 bit mode because of there are some errors in the harddisk controller, which is a bit strange because this problem only happen maybe about 1 of every 10 times I turn my computer on (without changing any settings at all). So I have to restart the Windows, and after that it does fine.
2. I noticed that sometime my computer freezes when it goes to Standby Mode or sometimes after goes to Standby mode, it didn't want to return to ready mode(by click/moving the mouse or even pressing keyboard). It was fine in Win 95.