View Full Version : CD-ROM gone bye bye?

20-03-1999, 12:28 AM
I have just installe win98 on my c:drive. I am using a Pentium 133 with 64 Meg of ram Sound blaster 16 sound card and a 12Meg Voodoo2.

My NEC 8x Cd-Rom is Primary slave to my Hard drive. Shortly after the installation of 98 onto a freshly formatted drive my CD drive gave me a message 'e:\ Is not accessible. The device is not ready' with the choice of two buttons retry and cancel. Retry has no effect. I have unloaded and reinstalled the CD Drive to no avail and am considering that I may need to replace it. I have cheked and rechecked the jumpers the cables etc etc until I am ready to roll over and give up. I still have power to the drive as the tray will open and close on command. The truely frustrating thing is that it appears to be trying to access the cd in the drive yet that message keeps popping up. Am I missing something or has my CD_ROMgone bye bye??