View Full Version : Hardware conflicts when rebuilding PC

05-09-2001, 09:35 AM
I have reformatted a PC (Win95 B) and am trying to reinstall the following hardware drivers:
- mouse (very old - flat plug)
- monitor (Philips 107E)
- video card (not sure - S3?)
- internal modem (28.8)
- network card (Realtek 8029)

I haven't been able to install the monitor or network card software without getting conflicts, although all the hardware was installed on the PC before. Plug and Play doesn't seem to have worked on any of the hardware, as it was all plugged in when I reinstalled Windows.

Is there a particular order in which I should add the hardware? Anything else to try?

Thanks heaps

05-09-2001, 10:03 AM
There are several things to try. Run add new hardware from control panel, and let windows search for the unistalled hardware, you will probably need the drivers for the monitor, network card and possibly the video card as they are probably newer than win95. the mouse sounds like a serial mouse. If you don't have the drivers, then you will have to get them of the internet. If you can't get to the internet because you need to use the computer you are reinstalling then use someone elses computer or use older or standard drivers from win95 to get you going then update them to the correct ones latter.