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04-09-2001, 09:41 PM
My Pc is a 200 Pentium and 4.3G HD. I upgraded from Win 95 and find now with Win98 I still have a large clutter of Win95 files on the HD. The hd is in 2 partitions and now I have bought a full version Win98. Can I just transfer the existing Win95/98 software to the partition D; then load the full 98 version onto the other Partition C: to try it all out before deleting the old system.?

Great Magazine and really helpful for myself and others as I now circulate some of your tips at the Senior Net where I assist with some tutoring. Managed to initiate some of your safequards on the Pcs there. Kind Regards

05-09-2001, 12:16 AM
Firstly, win98 will be alot slower than 95, if you still want to use it, I would take advantage of the cheap ram prices (have a MINIMUM of 64mb the first edition, more for the second, to keep the same level of preformance).

Upgrading over 95 can also cause problems later on, so a clean install is the best option.

Unfortunatly win9x will only boot from the first partition.

You should be able to copy the win95 stuff over to your d: partition. Also copy over all the files in c:\ as they are used for booting the OS.

You will need quite a bit of room on D: as you will have to backup all you apps as well (prehaps compress it), they will need to be reinstalled for win98 to work properly.

To restore, remove all the win98 apps and applications that were installed on it. Then copy the files over. To restore the win9x boot loader, run 'FDISK /MBR' from a win95 boot disk.

This has worked for me before, but there may be an application that will do it for you.

Personally I would backup my data to D: and forget about the backup, because windows isn't serperate from the applications it will be alot of work.