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30-07-2010, 11:02 PM
i finished oblivion again and now since i have nothing to do, i figured i wanted to screw around with the game, so wanting to go to the console, i hit the ~key and it doesnt work. i google it, a lot of people have this problem with win7 or vistas. its got something to do with the remote infrared something. the threads i looked at, no solution could be found, was wondering if someone here knew how to disable it the infrared without uninstalling the drivers?

but if someone can get it to work any other way, ill be happy.
i tried mapping the key to just the ~ symbol, but i could only find keymappers that worked to keys only, they couldnt do just that symbol


31-07-2010, 02:22 AM
Is it ` or ~?

I assume you have tried with and without the shift key?

31-07-2010, 01:11 PM
try that

02-08-2010, 04:33 PM
yea i did try it with shift, ill get back. but if u uninstall the drivers, apparenly they come back when you reboot. i was hoping there would be something like that change console key thing, thanks.

02-08-2010, 05:00 PM
http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20446 looks like the good one