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30-07-2010, 10:34 AM
Pinched this from an American forum.

Unfortunately, Yes. I'm with you, Dave... I am an overly-opinionated anti-consumer... have written plenty of letters (yes on paper!) to companies and government officials, returned plenty of inferior products and been seen bitching out store managers for crappy service. More unfortunate... I have now given up. It has no effect. No one gives a damn any more. I am convinced that all anyone is interested in now-a-days is getting their paycheck so they can spend it all on fun frivolity and go back to work on Monday thinking about the next paycheck.

Slipping from the main topic for a minute....... I've become an anti-consumer because of this and because the billionaires of the world already have too much money. For example, I cringe every time someone votes on a performer on America's Got Talent (my one and only fav tv show) giving AT&T another .99 cents for what costs them about 2 cents! WOW, what a margin!!! But people don't think about that anymore; there was a time when boycotting worked and consumer opinion mattered. Today, forget it... there's no way for the average consumer to effect change in a company (unless some debacle like the Toyota scandal gets called in front of Congress...... and then as it turns out, half of those consumer complaints were consumer scams). The companies will do what they want; if something stands in their way, they'll find a way around it. TOO many laws on the books makes this worse, not better. The big one's are too lofty and protected by too many layers of bureaucracy for you or I to touch.

A few Americans trying to affect BP by boycotting their independent dealer gas stations is absolutely and completely fruitless. Guess what... that's exactly why they ARE independent stations. Do you remember when the local Gulf station was owned by Gulf Oil? The service and product was fine until the company decided that they and their stockholders were too exposed and vulnerable to the whims of the populace. So they sold the stations which inserted a layer of protection for their precious billions.

I would love to own my own business again like I did when I was young... but I won't try because I'm an honest person and that is a guaranteed recipe for failure in the modern consumer market. By the way.... the same situation exists with our federal government, too. My personal opinion is that the concept of insurance has bred the current "I'm not responsible for anything" attitude in our culture. The greed and misbehavior of company, government, and religious leaders has convinced every person downstream that it's ok to do the same. And, I think the unavoidable acceptance of the "gotchas" of the computer technology age has bled over into all other products and marketing approaches until now consumers are willing to accept any crap coming down the retail channel. It's all very different from the world I grew up in 40 years ago. I watch it all with fearful disgust and sadness.

p.s. To anyone who disagrees, I don't care. If you LIKED my tirade, ask me about how America has become a modern-day serfdom.

Not your brother Joe.

31-07-2010, 02:34 AM
I like that guy! No! Seriously!

I don't write to companies or politicians or Toyota though - not when I have this powerful forum of freedom and human rights, here with youse guys!

AKA - there are other despots here beside me - let me see if I can drag one or two outta your woods.