View Full Version : Infrared connection problems

27-07-2010, 08:09 AM
If anyone else have same problem like this guy with "Chronos" USB to IrDA here it is the answer of his Thread -

Go to - Start Menu > Control Panel > Device Manager > and
from the “View” menu, select “Show Hidden Devices”.
Remove/Uninstall the hidden drivers (if have hidden drivers about your IrDA).
Re-install the driver after rebooting machine and if not works again go to
C:\WINDOWS\system32 and try to find "irftp.exe" (can be hidden also),
then you can create a shortcut to your desktop (for example).
Now you are able to send files to your phone.
Note:Always when you are installing the driver for your IrDA,
first install driver then connect the device in the USB.